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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sarin sukumar A:- Full featured Pickit2 Clone.

Sarin sukumar A:-
Pickit 2 Clone Revised Pickit2 circuit. Work for both 5V and 3.3 devices. Only 18F2550 , 4 transistors (2N3906(3) and 2N3904(1)), one Diode and a capacitor of 25V are are needed!!!!!!!!!!!. Your expense will be below 5$.....

Hi guys i am gonna explain a little features....The SPECS..

1. This device will work like the normal pickit2 with out some ridiculous features

2. This wll work for any pic (5 and 3.3V devices)

3. This U can make to even smaller (1/4 th of the original) with smd components

4. No mosfets no complex, only one voltage boost circuit.

5. Difference is that U should give an external supply for the PIC (in ICSP every time u wll be having the supply with u right ??)(If u r going to do one project, definitelyyou will be having the supply with U.....)NTHING else to take care go and build it and enjoy... (dont forget to download the firmware from microchip)

6. When ever you connect the target device, you should enable the communication by manually doing "Check Communication" from the menu of Pickit2 GUI.
7. VPP first mode will not be available

Recently (8-12-09) i have made some changes to the schematic so please check it (BAT54 is replaced with transistor 2n3904 & protection circuitry).
Today (9/12/09) I have made a variation of this pickit2 clone, Which can deliver VDD power supply for 3.3V and 5V Devices.
You can See it Here...

Visit these pages to get Idea that How I made clones from the original Pickit2 Schematics


if you want more details mail to sarinsukumar@gmail.com or leave a comment.


  1. Good its nice to see such Kit for less than $5

  2. What a fantastic mind boggling work..... I really appreciate your talent.In future come up with good and novel designs

  3. Where is the source code? What about the PCB layout? Can I buy a pre-programmed chip or blank PCB?

  4. it really good and worked for me nicely .

  5. This is a replay to James newton.

    you will get the firmware from

    download this and u can build your own programmer.

    right now i am not selling any pcb or pre programmed pic. if u desperatly need one let me know.

    i have builded one and trying to build a new smaller and handy version.

    so if u need any help contact me.

  6. Suprising...How the price comes below 5$? the PIC itself will cost nearly 280/-Rupees. Anyways are you selling kits or you are sharing the complete projetc with schematics and PCB layouts?..

  7. Sarin, can you go a little bit further and post a simple PCB drawing - e.g. something that could be etched at home?

  8. the official price of pic is almost 3.46$.

    the making cost with other components will be around 5 $only

    i am not selling any kits.

    right nw due to some problems i am not able to post the pcb drawings, but it will be very easy to make that.

    if somebody is ready to buy let me know. i wll try to make really nice handy one.

  9. The PCB given in the photo is nice...Looks like a double sided one...Please mention any dealer where you get PIC18F2550 at 3.46$ (173/- Indian rupees) It will be of great help as we deal in all components but we get the said PIC at 248/- in bulk (500+ numbers) and we sell in retail at 270/-.

  10. Yes it is a two sided one..i mention the price given in microchip website only.

  11. Please SaRin, can you tell me about the followings:

    1)which is the .zip to choose for PC (vista 32)
    2)Which is the .zip to choose for firmware
    3)Can I prog the pic with a jdm like programmer
    4)If yes, which is/are the .hex inside the .zip to use for pic?
    5)If no,thanks a lot anyway.(My name is Davide from Italy)

  12. Replay to Davide.
    thank you very much for looking in to my design
    1. Pickit2 is a human interface device so dont worry about OSs.
    2. You can choose PICkit 2 Firmware Source V2.32 (latest updated one).
    3. If your programmer support pic18f2550, then you can.(take care about the configuration words while programming through another GUI)
    4.You Hv to select the hex:FirmwareV2-32-00\FirmwareV2\_output\PICkit2Bootloader.hex
    5.I would like to know that; in what way it helped you???

  13. I worked over "web inspired","pic16f84 based" projects using an old pc running windows 98, a selfbuilt jdm programmer. Now i'd like to free me from serial port dipendence and so to try to built a clone before to buy a regular pickit2.The next step should be to build an usb remote for a car model using pic 18f13k50 and Quasar TxRx modules.... and this suggest me a question: Does your "reduced" clone program that kind of pic?
    Thanks again and if you saw anything illogic in my way to proceed please say me to avoid waste time(I'm a fishfarmer in real life).


  14. Hai Davide.

    This clone will support all the device that are supported by pickit2.
    The only difference is that it will support programming and debugging only. Then you should give an appropriate external supply.
    i appreciate ur taste in electronics, while u are doing some other job.

  15. Davide again!

    I apologize for disturbing you again SaRin, but I have many "question marks" and the main three are(referring to the top page scheme):

    Are the "HEADER 6" and the "Pickit header" two alternative ICSP header to program pics?

    If yes, when i should use "HEADER 6" and when "Pickit header".(Is one of those for "3,3V devices"?)

    When you say:"..Then you should give an appropriate external supply.." are you meaning that USB 5V is not enough and i need any battery supply?
    If yes how many volts?, where in the scheme I must apply that?

    P.S.the lapse of time from my previous post is due to comparing the difference between your scheme and another found on web (that one need no other supply than USB 5V,it has one ICSP header only, but doesn't promise to program "3,3V devices" like the one i'm interested in (18f13k50)).

  16. hi sarin,
    as per your suggestion, I have replaced the BAT54 diode with 2N3904 transistor(in diode mode),now its working fine.
    thanks dude.

  17. hai davide

    Header 6 is the header to program the pic 18f2550 (only for use in the making).
    if u can program it externally , then dont build that.
    the other header u will be going to use to program the other devices.

    the external supply is for ur micro-controller
    that means if ur going to program the pic. the pic should be powered externally.
    this power supply is the same that u make for ur project.

    dats all i am alittle busy nw
    if this answer not satisfy u. u can post more doubt also.

    i will be publishing some more update for more simplification on monday plse hv a look in to that
    thank you

  18. Hai Bala,

    its good to hear that Your clone is working fine even without bat54

  19. Thanks a lot SaRin, I'm going to build.


  20. Nice board, but as you do not power the target Vdd, your board cannot provide "Vpp First" feature, so it must be done "manually". This feature is very important when the target MCLR pin is set as I/O. This may be explained in the "documentation"...


  21. Best of luck davide and you will get complete support from my side.
    Also thanks to phlippe..for u r advice

  22. please post the circuit where you replace BAT54 with 2n3904

  23. I have put a red Dot where i replaced the BAT54
    with 2n3904

  24. please,what type of diode and value is;D4,D5 AND D6. ONE MORE THING,3.3v of op-amp pin3 and3.3v out
    is it the same.thanks for your time and effort.

  25. Hi friend, These diodes are ordinary diodes, You can use 1n4001.
    No they are not the same do it carefully.

    i recommend not post as anonymous

  26. Ohh grt...Wdrfl.............Thanks a lt... Unni

  27. Thanks SaRin for the wonderful work. Please help me with the follow questions.

    1) Will this work with PIC32?
    2) Will it work in MPLAB for program/debug
    3) Will I need the charge pump circuitry for PIC32?
    4) Is 12V programming only need for 8bit PICs?

    Thanks again

  28. Hi dtran11

    1)Pickit2 supports pic32; so it also.
    2)yes it should work, rt nw i have tested it for pic24 and working.
    3)i dont have much knowledge about pic32, but as pickit2 is used to program the pic32, the controller will take care of this.
    4) no pic24 also uses this, if not the controller
    has the logic to control the situation

  29. actually it is very good information for beginers and sarin u r really good person...you help me thanks

  30. Hi SaRin. I started making a clone using ur schematic. I just got done hooking up the usb and am testing the bootloader code from microchip. I compiled with some warnings and successfully programed the pic. However, windows says that the usb device is not recognized. Have you tried using the newest mplab c18 compiler with pickit2 firmware 2.32?

    Warning I get when compiling bootloader:

    usbmmap.c:164:Warning [2001] non-near symbol 'unit_id_usb_buf' declared in access section 'USBUnitID'


  31. hI dtran11.

    You dont need to compile the bootloader.
    just go to the output folder; and take the bootloader.hex and burn it to the PIC
    ///if any problems, you can ask me, i wll be so happy to help u///

  32. Gotcha. Thanks.

    I found a forum on microchip where people modified the pickit2 firmware to support jtag programming for the pic32.


    I will try it soon after I get this clone built. Thanx again.

  33. SaRin can you confirm this:
    Looking at the output folder of FirmwareV2-32-00

    PICkit2Bootloader.hex = bootloader only
    PICkit2_FWv2.hex = firmware only
    PK2V023200.hex = boot and firmware

    Is this correct? Thanks.

  34. Something interesting: http://www.p10link.net/plugwash/picsquirt/

    This guy made his own pic programmer using a max662 which outputs 12volts for the programming voltage.

  35. Sorry for these random posts but if anyone whats to use the max662, maxim-ic.com gives away free samples (free shipping too) like water.

    I will stop now. thanks.

  36. Sarin, When you have time, can you explain how the vpp pump circuit works?


  37. Hai dtran11
    The file is PICkit2Bootloader.hex = bootloader only
    this is just a Boost_converter only..you can check it in wikipedia, it can describe the theory much well than me.

  38. Hi great project :) I want to ask about the firmware where i can find it?I read that is the bootloader from microchip only this is correct?And something more can i use pic18f4550 with the same firmware?

  39. friend please don’t give comment as anonymous
    :) its okay nw..
    u can get the firmware over here:

    use firmware from microchip only.
    you need only the boot loader.
    i haven’t tried it with pic18f4550, but i recommend to use the original pic. If u use the
    pic 18f4550, u must be needed to change the bootlader and firmware somewhere.

  40. Sorry my name is Terys :) Thnx for the answer . I have pic18f4550 thats why i ask u.Can u help me with firmware?

  41. Oh i forgot to ask the clone can be used from pickit 2 program as logic analyzer?Thnx in advance

  42. I haven’t tried it as a logical analyzer.
    i think if u connect the AUX pin also it may work. Also replace R10 and R12 as in pickit2 schematic.

    If u r going to change firmware with respect to pic18f4550; ...it is possible, but will take hell lot of effort and time (if u have time and ready to work then it will add a lot of skills to u (both for embedded programming and circuit designing)). i can help by answering your doubts only.

  43. Thnx for the answer. I find one schematic with clone pickit 2 with pic18f4550 but no firm yet :( I have one crucial question ,why we dnt make the same schematic as the microchip have in pdf format?I see it have one opamp from microchip and one irl mosfet i think, this parts are difficult to find?I think is better to make the same or no?

  44. If you need pic18f2550 you can get free samples at microchip.com/samples. The schematic from microchip has more parts for not so important functionality. I like what Sarin has done here to make it easier to build at home with widely available parts and through hole.

  45. Sarin, for Q5 can I use a diode there? particularly 1N4148?

  46. Yes is very good project becouse at the past i have problem to program 3.3v pics so i need a good programmer to do it :)I try to get a pic18f2550 :)I have one question more what is more good the potyo2 icd2 clone programmer or pickit2?

  47. I have never tried the icd2 but if you are planning to just program/debug pic18's the pickit2 is the best I think because it is simple. I don't think building a icd2 clone is as simple as this. Also regarding the microchip sample; if you have a business account or an edu account then shipping will be free. It will charge a shipping fee of 7.50 or so if you are using a generic email address like gmail or hotmail. This is true in the U.S. Don't know in other countries. good luck.

  48. I also never tried ICD2. I used to debug on Pic just by using a DSO and an LCD interface if it is there.
    Between Pickit2 and ICD2 you only decide Mr Terys. :).
    Hi dtran11, Yes you are right, i made this clone exactly to make the building process so easier.

    There is a problem for 1N4148 it is having a dropout voltage of 0.6V, So you should check first. other wise go for a schottky diode.
    I used the transistor because it is there already in the inventory. ... :|>

  49. Has anyone tried programming a PIC32 with this clone? When I try to program it always fails.


  50. Hi dartan can u give the details of the situation. i will try to help you

  51. I have built the clone and am trying to program my PIC32 Starter Kit with Expansion board via ICSP. In the PICKit2 software I choose PIC32MX360F512L under device. I choose a hex file to load and then click on write. The software then says "Downloading Programming Executive...FAILED!"


  52. I should also add that the clone works for my 18F kit.

  53. Hai dtran11
    Try to disable program executive from Programmer->settings menu or from the pickit2.ini file

  54. there will be a PE32 entry i suppose.
    i never used pic32

  55. Hi SaRin,

    It is a nice design, i am interested to build it.
    But i have few doubts in a circuit.

    Where to connect V_TGT_REF
    Is V_TGT is obtained from target ?
    can we use 1N5819 diode instead of 1N4007 ?
    Please provide the PCB for this design.

    Awaiting for your quick response !


  56. Hi
    V_TGT_REF connection is shown in two places . you can interconnect them.
    Yes V_TGT is obtained from the target
    Yes you can use 1N5819
    I cannot provide the pcb for this design
    cz of some reasons

  57. Thanks SaRin, I have gotten this clone to program my pic32. Just remember to turn of DEBUG config when you program with this clone.

  58. Also if you want to use this clone to program the newer PIC32's (5/6/7) then take a look at this forum to modify the device list for the pickit2 app:


  59. Thank you for giving another piece of knowledge dtran 11........

  60. Hi SaRin,

    Thanks for quick and prompt response. Now i have got confused about circuit after going through blog.

    Please tell me which is latest circuit and which design i have to construct.


  61. Hi SaRin,

    Thanks for quick an prompt response, I have confused after going through blog. Please tell me which is your latest circuit that i have to construct.
    Also if i don't want to use external supply then how to modify the circuit. Is there any way ?


  62. Hi Raghavendra
    sorry for the delay, i was on business tour for the last few weeks.
    the diagrams shown in the blog are latest.

    You can make the clone very easily; if you are going to program a pic which is in the circuit that u made. But if you want to use VDD from Pickit2, then use my second blog as the reference diagram

    use the circuit in the box with the circuit in the first blog

  63. I just want 3.3v support. What could I take away from the circuit?

  64. Hi SaRin,

    I builded ur programmer. It works fine with pic16f84a, then using +5V. Unfortunately, i cant program pic18f67j60 which works on 3,3V. I cant do verify. Then i try to read mcu, there are several 00FF codes. I think, it should be all FFFF, because mcu is empty. Any ideas where to find the problem?
    Thx for help

  65. whether it detects the pic???

    check the section in circuit with diodes.

  66. Yes, its detect pic correctly. I checked the section with diodes, its seems correct.

  67. try disabling the fast programing
    or try any other PIC

  68. Hi Sarin, Thank you for this great post/info.I am batteling getting a programmer to program a 16C745 chip and are about to pull my hair out.However, this looks like the solution. My dumb question is: Do you program the 18F2550 chip on the newly created pc board.
    Many Thanks

  69. Jaco ,
    yes you should program the pic 18f2550 chip on the newly created pc board

  70. hi,
    i am from india and want to program a
    PIC16F688-I/P MICROCONTROLLER, i already have the source file, can you please tell is there any one who can do this for me.
    or i'll need your help to build this pickit clone as i might run into many issues on it.


  71. To program the micro-controller u need a programmer any way.
    if u can find some one working with pic microcontrollers near by , u can get it programmed, otherwise u have to build the clone
    or buy the pickit2.
    ofcz i wll help u .

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Thanks for the reply, can you please post the cost of this PIC Clone,
    Oh i found it should be under $5, is it including the cost of "18F2550 "

    the store i found for PIC seems to be very expensive.

    I found someone having a programmer but he's not at all willing to help, not even if i pay for him to load the program to my PIC.

    I would be greatly obliged if you can help me with this.


  74. where are u from, if u were some where near me i would have helped u,
    i am in pune right nw.
    See; the cost of pic in local market is Rs:250, then your board and other components cost u hardly 150 rupees, so u can make it easily with 500 rupees and a little effort in hand, take one old mouse cable for usb connection... :) to reduce cost.
    if u are making that please report once u made it.

  75. Hi Sarin i have a problem with reading -programming the pic24fj64ga002.When i try read the device says downloading programming executive and after says failed in the program version 2.61..Can u help me?? Other problem it can read or regognize pic12f509.. One last question is the memorys 24lc512 must be in the circuit like the original???Thnk u in advance

  76. you go to the pickit2 IDE options, there u can disable the programming executive.
    this problem is reported for original pickit2 also.

    Its just like the original pickit2 only, so do like what they said for original pickit2.

  77. Can u tell me the steps for last mplab ide becouse i cant find it :( Thnx in advance

  78. Try to disable program executive from Programmer->settings menu or from the pickit2.ini file

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Hi all great post, I've learned so much here, thanks SaRin for this great project

    dtran11 you could post your modified PK2DeviceFile.dat ? i mean you should get the latest PK2DFUpdate-1-62-03.zip from Microchip and add the new devices, maybe we could do some pdf with insights of how to program certain picky devices. BTW: PICkit2 Device File Editor ( doesn't seem to work with x64 well it doesn't work with my vista x64 (I'll try with my mom's pc)

    SaRin : Basically it's a full features PICkit 2 clone without the voltage source (you provide it), I should build as you point out here , and program the firmware with the official boot loader and them use the microchip app to upload and burn the latest firmware?

    I'm not familiar with JTAG (Iknow what is haven't worked with it), can anybody explain this:

    It has a modified pickit 2 app (the device file could be useful and merged with dtran11's ????)
    but at the same time they publish a firmware for the explorer16 dev board.... beats me... need some enlightenment there

    Thanks all see you

  81. VenomGhost
    Yes ur right about the steps...to burn and load the firmware.
    if u want the voltage sourcing facility please refer the modified pickit2 version.

  82. @VenomGhost: Hi. You said the editor doesn't work on x64.. do you have any more details like the error code/msg? If you can elaborate I might be able to get it fixed.

  83. Hey, can someone with the 64-bit windows (7 or vista) please try running the pickit 2 devicefile editor v1.0.0.6 and open a device file and state whether it works?

  84. hi, i'm monyol

    where should i connect the Q5 emitter terminal? connect it to the common ground or just make it floating???

  85. dear, Sarin!
    you have 2 schematics, are this page's schematic(1) and next page's schematic(2) (http://electronicsadvices.blogspot.com/2009/12/this-is-variation-of-pickit2-clone-that.html) different ? do i only need to do top schematic, pickit2 will work for all pic( 5v , 3,3v). not need to do schematic(2).(i don't know english much, please you help me)

  86. Yes they are different.The first schematic will work like pickit2. but it does not have a VDD supply capability and vdd first programing capability.
    If u can implement second schematic u can use that like original pickit2

  87. Hi SaRin,

    Great Post, I built the clone (on breadboard) I get connected ok. The Vpp and Vdd voltages are good. Vdd varies between 2.50 and 4.76 (Usb supply = 4.96)and the calibration goes through ok, however I keep getting an error message when I try to read a device Eg 16F628, "Vdd voltage error level error check target and retry operation" it also says "No device connected" Can you help me with this as I have been trying for the past five days without any success.

    Junior of Ja.

  88. y not, i will help You .
    But you should show some patience

    Have you tried with any other PIC? If you have; try to program another one and tell me the results.

    Check with same PIC:

    Check the Voltage on VDD pin while "check communication".

    Give an external 5V to the Pic and "check communication"

  89. hi ,
    first of all thanks for this effort of yours to simplify thew circuit , my question may be silly but which type of inductor do you use ??
    the one that looks like resistor i.e. axiallike this onehttp://www.protostack.com/images/medium/PA-IN-AX10U_MED.jpg

    or the coil one ???

  90. from the schematic i see that the header 6 pin6 is without any connection. But from the pickit readme, where i need to programming my spi serial eeprom 25lc512, it has a connection to the pin6 which is auxilary pin. Is it correct for the schematic? =)

  91. Hi Karan Singh
    i Used the same one.

  92. Hi reik
    I made it with only pic in mind. If u need eeprom then u should connect the 6th pin..

  93. Hi Sarin, one more question here =)

    in this post u had replied someone we have to program the 18f2550 by --> PICkit2Bootloader.hex
    but in the variation post,u had replied someone too but the answer is --> PICkit2_FWv2.hex

    Please clarify =)
    thank u very much =)

  94. reik ,
    You should program it with PICkit2Bootloader.hex [10.9kb].

    I am sorry for that, i did that in a hurry.

  95. Hi Sarin,
    I need to program a PIC24F04KA201.
    This PIC it uses XLP technology.In the pdf it says
    Device Programmers
    - PICSTART® Plus Development Programmer
    - MPLAB PM3 Device Programmer
    - PICkit™ 2 Development Programmer
    so this PICkit 2 can be used as perfectly working programmer device for this PIC?


    Best Regards,

  96. Yes you can use this pickit2 ....

  97. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple

  98. Nice work!, Thanks!

  99. Please explain the exact sequence of burning the three .hex files from Microchip:
    I'am not sure of this detail, but other things are very well done.
    Thanks a lot!

  100. hi Gelosino,
    You have to burn only PICkit2Bootloader.hex

  101. Thank for your nice work.

  102. Really I like, this PIC Kit, sweet, simple and Cost effective. i will make it :)

  103. Hi, I am zubaer .I have so many questions:

    1.I have a parallel burner & I want to burn a blank new PICF2550 (supported by my burner)with it.
    In case of burning PICF2550 with a parallel burner which (*****.hex)file(Bootloder OR Firmwere ) i have to select?
    Does "LVP" enable/disable matter in this case?
    (I tried to understand Bootloder VS Firmwere but I get confused)
    2.After I get a burned PIC18F2550 from questin#1 is there any more (****.hex)file needed to burn my PIC18F2550 or I should place it in circuit to complete a fully funtional and working PICkit2?
    3.In circuit C4= 0.47uF/0.1uF.Does it mean
    C4=[0.47uF] OR C4=[0.1uF](anyone)?
    4.In circuit R3=470E.
    what does "E" mean?

  104. hi zubeer
    1)u need bootloader
    2)LVP disable
    3) you need to burn only bootloader nothing else
    4)Yes that means .47 or .1uf
    5)470E means 470Ohm

  105. I got all the components, now just waiting for 18F2550.

    All component cost me around Rs. 582/- including PIC 18F2550.

    Thanks Brother you did a grate job.

  106. Replay to harsh
    I will suggest u the http://electronicsadvices.blogspot.com/2009/04/full-featured-pickit2-clone.html
    In this u will be not able to use the vpp first facility- which says that u should not be be able to use the MCLR pin for other functions

    Yes this programmer can ...

  107. Build! Very fast, firmware downloaded without problem, work like a charm from first time, all pickit2 test ok, very satisfied about this useful programmer. Nice work, thanks!

  108. If anybody wants to share the PCB layout for others they can.

  109. No forcing, If generous, mail it to me with your NAME one it or make your own blog with the layouts and mail me the link..

    I will put it on this blog as your contribution

  110. I made my pickit2 clone using a small piece of perforated board, without a definite pc-board. Sorry for this, but to facilitate who need some help, I setup in a hurry a small site to publish some photos of my very unpleasant work.
    Please find the photos here: http://digilander.libero.it/privato_pp/immagini/pickit2/
    The photos are very detailed, and maybe is clarifyng some doubt. The 3 leds are mounted on a small dip strip to be removed during construction and testing, and to accommodate for small imprecision of holes in external box.

    If someone need other info's, I am glad to help at my best.

    Have a nice day!

  111. Please find:
    all the schematic and pcb layout of pickit2 clone I build. The entire work is not a my project, I find it at the specified address and only build a copy of it, with only some minor modification e.g. some resistor and capacitor with a value near the specified one and 470uH for inductor in place of 680uH one (the store don't have the 680uH).

    It worked very well from first switch on.

  112. Great!!!
    You have given your time. I really appreciate it. very nice.
    If the photos are in temporary web space, if u allow i will publish them here

  113. Yes, I allow to publish all the photos anywhere you think. Please state clearly that this is not a my project, I only build my pickit2 over a project of someone else, with some very minor modifications.
    I take other shoots of pickit clone, after enclosing and while powering a Microchip demoboard, kindy gift from a friend. Pease find these photos in previously mentioned site.
    Here, in Italy, the cost of entire buiding (enclosure box comprised) is near 20€ (near 26$US) and I needed half a day for building, from initial cutting of board to final enclosure assembly.

  114. V_TGT is mention on circuit 3 times.
    i am unable to understand where i can connect, can you please help me with that.

    please can you point out in the schematic, that will help us a lot.

  115. In this type of schematic every symbol is connected with every identical symbol.
    Think to see a "virtual" wire between every points with same name.
    The tree V_TGT is all connected togheter.
    Have a nice day.

  116. What is the difference between J1 and J2 connector? which one is for programming.

  117. j1 is the header for programming the Pickit2 controller 18f2550
    j2 is the header of the pickit2 to program other PICs

  118. thanx very much sarin...made learned a lot from this and by out of building the cct :)


  119. hi.. how can buy this.. can u help..

  120. what do u want to buy
    pickit2 original or clone
    if clone then send me the quantity u need.

    1. @ SaRin,

      I need a Pickit2 clone working.
      Please help me.
      I am ready to pay if it is available as built.

      mail me rafialan@gmail.com

  121. Hi this is yuvaraj, i need to buy PIC KIT-2 programmer... is there any distributors in pune, india.. plz tell me the contact details.. my mail id is yuvarajnarayanasamy@gmail.com

  122. @Sarin:
    I make a small modification to schematic of pickit2 clone. For added usability, I insert a dual switch (DPST) in series with pin 4 and 5 of output strip (lines "data" and "clk"). When this switch is closed the pickit work as normal. When the switch is open the two lines are disconnected from working circuit, so the output resistor of pickit don't load the working circuit. With this modification the work is fast and less prone to error.
    Please state me if you have taken the photos from my temporary site stated in Dec. 19, because I need to close the site.

  123. Dear sarin i also want to buy it. How much it will cost? I am from ahmedabad. My mail id is ritesh4009@gmail.com

  124. Gelosino
    I have taken the pictures. now u can close the site.
    wll publish soon,

  125. where is the sch and pcb layout i want to build..i cant find here

  126. sir,
    i m having a strange problem,

    when i connect the pickit 2 hardware to my pc it is properly detected by the pc as pickit 2 microcontroller programmer

    but as i start pickit 2 application , the green light flashes for a while and then pickit2 hardware got disconnected immediately.

    if i connected when application is already running then ,if i do check communication then then same thing happens it got disconnected

    even if din't do any thing it still got disconnected after 70-90 second

    one more thing
    when i connect the hardware to pc some times it being detected , some time not

    thank you

  127. Check the voltage delivered through USB to PICKit2.
    1)on first connection and
    1)on pressing the check communication
    Check the resistance of power line of USB cable.

  128. sir,

    1) when i connect the hardware to pc the voltage level is 5.01 v

    2) when press check communication , hardware got disconnected and voltage rise to 5.04 v

    resistance of power lines is 0.3 ohms

  129. Is the voltage decreasing at any point to 4V or 3.5V?
    Do a trouble shooting step in the Pickit2 GUI as soon as connected also.
    There might be some mistake in soldering, check for that also.

  130. r u checking with a multimeter or DSO?
    Ensure the resistance of powercable.

  131. sir,
    i m checking with DMM, i m using very short length cable about 1.5 foot

    Now when i do check communication
    the green light start flashing for a while
    then goes off and

    a msg box shown
    Pickit 2 VDD and VPP voltage level error
    check target & retry operation
    and after some time hardware got disconnected from my pc

  132. dmm cannot show fast voltage transitions. Any way confirm with the cable resistance , or try with another PC and cable.

    Go for the trouble shooting option in pickit2 IDE

    Let me know the results then. This is very important, then only we can debug it further

  133. Sir,

    I replace the cable and the resistance is 3.1 ohms each line

    sir i don't have a DSO but i will arrange it.

    And i do the trouble shooting results as blow

    test 1 verify vdd
    result :- short

    test 2 verify vpp
    vpp is short

    MCLR on :- expected result mclr pin 7 low
    but voltage level is 4.88 volt

    MCLR off :- expected result is high
    but voltage is low

    and vpp is always low

  134. sir
    i can't do test 3 until this vdd and vpp issue resolve

  135. The cable resistance should be as minimum as possible, .3 ohm is good enough.
    you should do this testing by connecting it to the target (read instructions carefully) , and ur results clearly indicate that u r component placing is wrong. so do hardware debugging first.

  136. sarin...

    i am renegan,
    i have cut the usb cable as short as possible as u suggested...i also have checked all the connection of my circuit, and its look the same, how ever the same windows pop-up displaying “PICkit 2 VPP voltage level error. Check target &
    retry operation” could u please help me???and your pickit2 clone is costing us$1.5 only excluding the pic18f2550!!!!great!!!

  137. hi renegan
    first let me know which version of pickit2 r u builded, self powered or the other one.

  138. i am building the circuit without the op-amp\

  139. Which is the target PIC, Portion with inductor have problem. so check the hardware connectivity properly

  140. hello everybody,
    i have built sarin's clone pickit2 programmer.
    the result is fabulous!!!!cheap and simple but make sure u give an external VDD to your target PIC!!!tq

  141. hi guys

    i have advice for you,i have built this few months ago

    if sombody want to build this clone, and have to other programmer to first burn the firmware into 18F2550

    then he can use this programmer


    live support will be provided

    and do't use fox deta's parrell port 18f2550 programmer that is not good i personally get tricked by that faulty programmer

  142. I need one clone. Can anyone supply immediately?

  143. Some notes and observations on the design:

    1. Programmer PIC is powered from USB +5V on header 5, during normal operation, or external programmer +5V on header 6 when it itself is being programmed.

    2. External circuit being programmed is powered from external +5V supply, or +3.3v (or less) as appropriate.

    3. This external supply is fed back in to the programmer to feed the voltage pump multiplier, thus scaling the Vpp voltage (to MCLR), on the ICSP connector, accordingly.

    4. Likewise, the output voltages on ICSP DATA and ICSP CLOCK (from the programmer) are reduced to approx 3.6v (rough calculation) and then the external supply forms a reference voltage to boost these back up to just over 4v if the supply is 5v, or leave these at 3.6v if it is less.

    The rest of the design looks pretty standard. I like the use of half a BJT as a substitute for a schottky diode. Nice design, overall, but it does suffer from the potential drawback of not controlling the target Vdd (as observed by a prior comment, it may have trouble when target MCLR is I/O function).

    I posted these notes because it took me a little while looking at the schematic to see these points. The schematic could be drawn a little better, but very good contribution otherwise.

  144. i just wanna ask
    it's like usb pic downloader ??
    thanks ..
    please answer my question in my email

    thanks a lot

  145. Helo
    where is schematic for
    "Only 18F2550 , 4 transistors (2N3906(3) and 2N3904(1)), one Diode and a capacitor of 25V"
    thanks and great job

  146. hello

    can we use 18F4550 instead of 18F2550 with same pin connections & hardware around? Will the Firmware work with 18F4550?

    Please do reply.


  147. No you cant use 18f4550, if you want, you have to edit the firmware also accordingly.

  148. Hi sarin what can we do to get power through same usb connector during programming

  149. hi
    You may directly connect the 5V usb power directly (after putting the filter capacitors) to the VDD pin of pickit2 (V_TGT of J2. But only use it to program 5V devices. Else put 2 silicon and one Germanium diodes in series with 5v and generate 3.3V to use with 3.3V devices.

  150. Thaks sarin for your reply.

    I need to know can we able to use bc547 & bc557 transistor.
    and pls possible share dsn file of schematic.

  151. Dear Sarin,

    is we can use Bc547 transistor, in place of transistor shown in schematic

  152. No you cant use bc 547 , because they dont work with high frequency data transmission

  153. Dear sir,
    I am an electronics hobbyist from bangalore ,i am very interested with pic micro controller circuits, but i am a beginner , i want to know about your PIC pickit 2 clone ,How i can make that ? how i can load the firmware to PIC 18F2550 . I am expecting your valuable repaly
    sijo mathew

  154. Nice blog here! Also your site loads up very fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol
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  155. Dear Sarin,
    Nice job.. Since you've not included the Schematic and PCB layout, I am building one myself!(If you have already - let me know) Ping me if you want a copy.

    @Sijo Mathew:
    Dear Mathew,
    First, you must load the firmware into 18F2550 using a cheap serial port pic programmer - a JDM programmer will do.
    Then use the PIC in the above circuit.

    Dear Maxine,
    This site is hosted in google's blogger (Its a blog) - Its fast enough....since its google!!!!

  156. can i use a bc 546 instead of a 2n3904 as i have run out of them

  157. hello sarin sir ,

    its a great post . i just loved it . Unfortunately i got this a bit late . i had already wasted around a month and a lot of hard work , but meanwhile i think i gained a lot .

    Its a sincere request if u can supply me a kit like this or atleast pcb and programmed pic , i will assemble it myself .

    I am just tired of unsuccessful attempts i made to make it using other circuits , and its just stopping me from my efforts to learn more in this field .

    I will pay all the expenses and personally , a lot of regards .. plz help me.

    atleast i can start practicing then .

    thanking you in advance .

    krishan kumar EMAIL - k.kumar1044@gmail.com


  158. hi folks,i dont have a copy to sell

  159. Is it must to provide external supply for target PIC . Why is not required in original PIC kit2.

    1. In order to remove the complexity and reduce cost that circuitry is removed from this version, but for 5V pics still you can use the normal supply with an filter capacitor attached to it.

  160. Hi Satin, Sorry for the question but I got lost because of lots of modifications suggested by you and others. For biginers like me, which is the most simplest circuit I can make to program a PIC. I do not need functions like programming without a PC and debugging etc. I am also ready to provide the required voltages to the PIC

    component count. Please suggest a circuit which just programs the PIC like 16f628 with

    serialprogrammers but they do not work reliably. Thanks, Techbhatia

  161. Sorry for incorrect name Mr. Sarin. My tablet was behaving funny so got your name incorrect. Also, if somebody has a spare PCB that would be really helpful.

    1. Best is to use this variation itself.

  162. Anyone share the PCB layout

    1. there is a pcb layout attached with this post.

  163. Hello SaRin,
    I can't find a pcb layout, could you place a link or share it with dropbox please.