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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

VDD power delivering Pickit2

This is a variation of Pickit2 clone that I have made earlier

Earlier posts are in the blog archive.

or go here Earlier Version

Update 15 aug: PCB layout files for eagle. Thanks to Toobert for sharing it. Download it from here

I recommend going through the readme and problem reported by toobert in the comment section

Updated( 4 may 2011) as the last schematic is reported as bit complicated and many find it difficult to understand and difficult to make. So I simplified it with a small idea of two different jumpers and an LM317; which is readily available....So now you may use with 3.3 or 5/ i heard that microchip have 2V devices also, so if you want with some jumper configuration or use and extra lm317 and one more jumper to derive one more voltage.

In this I have enabled the VDD power delivering capacity of the pickit2 with normal components.
Here use the jumper to switch Pickit2 VDD or External.

If u want to give VDD from PICKIT2 then use j3 and j4 according to the vdd of target PIC.

else leave the jumpers open.
If your circuit draws more than 150mA; I recommend using the external VDD supply (2-3 jumper position).
And be very cautious to use the jumpers also else u will get your pic burned with a wrong VDD.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sarin sukumar A:- Full featured Pickit2 Clone.

Sarin sukumar A:-
Pickit 2 Clone Revised Pickit2 circuit. Work for both 5V and 3.3 devices. Only 18F2550 , 4 transistors (2N3906(3) and 2N3904(1)), one Diode and a capacitor of 25V are are needed!!!!!!!!!!!. Your expense will be below 5$.....

Hi guys i am gonna explain a little features....The SPECS..

1. This device will work like the normal pickit2 with out some ridiculous features

2. This wll work for any pic (5 and 3.3V devices)

3. This U can make to even smaller (1/4 th of the original) with smd components

4. No mosfets no complex, only one voltage boost circuit.

5. Difference is that U should give an external supply for the PIC (in ICSP every time u wll be having the supply with u right ??)(If u r going to do one project, definitelyyou will be having the supply with U.....)NTHING else to take care go and build it and enjoy... (dont forget to download the firmware from microchip)

6. When ever you connect the target device, you should enable the communication by manually doing "Check Communication" from the menu of Pickit2 GUI.
7. VPP first mode will not be available

Recently (8-12-09) i have made some changes to the schematic so please check it (BAT54 is replaced with transistor 2n3904 & protection circuitry).
Today (9/12/09) I have made a variation of this pickit2 clone, Which can deliver VDD power supply for 3.3V and 5V Devices.
You can See it Here...

Visit these pages to get Idea that How I made clones from the original Pickit2 Schematics


if you want more details mail to sarinsukumar@gmail.com or leave a comment.


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